What sets  Agile Noida apart is its focus on developing a well-currated carnival. We invite each of our speakers based on their industry knowledge as well as their acumen as a speaker. The core of the carnival  is  our speakers and we want to thank them for the knowledge and energy that they bring to the event.

 Keynote Speakers.


 Tathagat Varma {VP – Strategic Process Innovations & HR ,[24]7 Innovation Labs}

Tathagat is  engaged in software product development since 1991 with few of the leading organizations in the industry across technical, leadership and business roles. During this time, he has built and managed high-revenue engineering teams and worked extensively in multicultural environments.

Naveen - 2
Naveen Nanjundappa{Certified Scrum Trainer, Agile Coach}
“Have you ever felt your work be recognized by the success of other person? And wished you could get to the position where you are considered a coach and leader. That’s what I’m. My goal is to create an awesome working ecosystem, by coaching people on doing right things effectively and efficiently.
In everything I do, I believe in challenging the organizational processes for creating awesome products. I believe in the need for simple frameworks that build winning teams and products. Through my coaching and training sessions I inspire people to be agile.”
Nidhi Arora Nidhi Arora{Senior Manager Cairn India.}
 Nidhi Arora is a management graduate from IIM Calcutta. Her recent work includes IT program management, and she is now a part of the Value Management Office of her department.Her areas of expertise include: Remote delivery of ERP implementation projects
,Use of Agile in ERP projects, Service Transition of Support Projects in the ERP space , Change Management and Organisational Innovation.She is also a social entrepreneur spearheading 2 important initiatives in the area of visual disability.
sudipta Sudipta Lahiri{Senior Vice President Digite Inc. }
 Sudipta has over Over two decades of international leadership experience, in India and US, across diverse industry verticals.A  Lean/Agile practitioner passionate about helping teams gain agility and enhanced productivity.Entrepreneurial style with an  exemplary record in strategic planning, business development, solid execution, and developing high performing teams.Under his  esteemed leadership two new products namely SwiftKanban (www.swiftkanban.com) and SwiftALM                 (http://digite.com/products/swiftalm.html) were successfully launched . 

 Session Speakers.

  Sanjaya Kumar Saxena{Consultant ,GrayPE Systems (P) Limited}

 Sanjaya has been a leading creative thinker in the software industry for over to two and a half decades. His areas of interest include process excellence,  quality, and information security. Currently he is pursuing Quantitative Analysis & Decision Sciences (QUADS). Post last Agile Noida confrence it actually led Sanjay  to think as to how decision science can be applied to agile practice And from the great interest & response of the audience that he received, he decided to invest more time in researching on this subject.This resulted in creation of a tool for agile requirements engineering. 
 Savita Pahuja{ Agile Coach, Trainer, Visionary Blogger, Speaker and Connoisseeur}

 Savitha has extensive experience in working with Agile methods ,Scrum Implementations, engineering practices and visual discovery methods.She is one of the first Certified Kanban Methodologists in India, an expert in Kanban, lean and other visual discovery methods.She has implemented Scrum in web application based projects, Mainframe projects and java enterprise solutions with distributed model and scaled environment.


Jayaprakash Prabhakar{Agile Coach and Evangelist ,McAfee}

JayaPrakash has  around 18 years of rich experience in Software Development, Software Testing and Agile coaching / Training.Assertive and goal oriented Agile Coach, Evangelist and Senior Engineering Manager at McAfee.He is a part of Agile Transformation Team at McAfee, which is responsible for driving Agile initiatives at McAfee worldwide.

puneetS  Puneet Sachdev{ Enterprise Architect at NIIT Technologies}

 Technical evangelist and mentor with strong belief in Open Source and Agile practices. Professional Scrum Master and an agile coach. Has spearheaded the “Global Agile” movement in NIIT Technologies, which has resulted in Agile becoming the methodology of choice for NIIT Technologies and its customers. Puneet has also coached multiple Agile programs into achieving Agile benefits of embracing change with shorter time to market in a multi -shore scenario.

 gauri mohan Gauri Mohan { Agile Coach at Ford}

 Gauri  coaches  agilists as work/life coach and helps them transform to exuberant agilists. She  uses skills from professional coaching and agile coaching together to make agile come alive and help to breathe life in to the teams. Using both sides of the equation helps each person in the team to get to that next level of professional growth that makes their work relevant to their whole life.

 Pinaki Mukherjee{ Manager SCM, Thomson Reuters}
“Techie, traveler, photographer, adventure sports enthusiast, Pinaki is a man of many passions. From tweaking device drivers to graphic designing, he has worked on a wide range of domains. He has been implementing Agile concepts and processes since the past 10 years now. At present he leads an enthusiastic team at Thomson Reuters which takes care of Build and Release Management of the Search Platform of Thomson Reuters.When not firefighting at office, he is off to the forest or to a crowded bazaar, looking for that perfect shot. He travels the country extensively on the lookout for the next adventure. A certified paraglider and scuba diver, he is currently trying his hands at underwater photography.He firmly believes that his creative and technical pursuits are not mutually exclusive but are indeed complimentary, and he won’t   give up one for the other.
Atul Sharma
Atul Sharma {Program Manager – NIIT Technologies Ltd.}
Atul Sharma (CSP, CSM, and PMI ACP) is engaged in software development since 1997 and is an agile coach and  Transformational leader. Atul has been engaged in agile development projects from more than 6 years in large scale agile  implementations across multiple projects. He has also been involved in organizational level agile initiatives and also  published  white paper on agile. He is a certified Change Leader, transformational leader for http://www.upyourservice.com/   transforming hundreds of NIITians for uplifting service culture. He loves and practices Yoga, Meditation, and running                   marathon.



Mani Khanuja 
 An IT professional with 10 years of software engineering experience and have demonstrated ability to successfully manage, lead and release quality international products with global teams in a demanding agile environment.Well versed with Agile Engineering practices like Test First Approach(TDD), Behavior Driven Development(BDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development(ATDD), Refactoring, Design Patterns, SOLID principles etc.
 mkCommander Manish Tyagi 
 Commander (Retd) Manish K Tyagi comes with  diversified cross functional experience in the Indian Navy spread over operations & maintenance, training & development of highly skilled cross cultural teams, organisation strategy, conflict management, etc. He is known for his ‘nerves of steel’ in extremely challenging & adverse conditions that the sea throws at any warship. He is now engaged as a Consultant Marine Business with Sudhir Gensets Ltd and concurrently pursues his passion for training & coaching. As a trainer, Manish has been recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, encouraging participation and individual creativity. He loves playing golf  and  is currently helping important customers within and outside the country towards transformation . 

shekhar  Sekhar Burra{Agile Coach at ADP}

 Sekhar is currently an Agile Coach at ADP, Hyderabad with 13+ years of IT industry experience. He is also reviewer and contributor of the book titled “The Human Side of Agile”, authored by Gil Broza.  He is a member of the editorial board “www.transition2agile.com” He achieved top 5% (9th rank world wide) for the Best Business Strategy from BSGonline.  He hold various certifications like PMP, CSP, CSM, CSPO, PMI-ACP, ITIL v3 Foundation and Six Sigma Green Belt. He also a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management from XLRI.

sachin popli Sachin Popli {Product Owner turned Agile Coach at Ford Motor Company}

“Who exactly seeks out an agile coach? Teams who just want to settle for the agile practices or the teams who want more out of work/life”Sachin has worked in various roles (Business Analyst, Product Owner, Agile Team Facilitator and agile coach) across multiple domains in different organization. His current role is focused at integrating skills from professional coaching and agile coaching to unleash the full potential of agile. Out of his work, he loves jogging, playing sports and dancing.


 Ritu Mehta{Director Product Development at Pitney Bowes}

  Ritu Mehta, working as a Director Product development and heading the Agile adoption at Pitney Bowes India office. She has  10+ years experience on Agile and a certified scrum professional. She is  working on Lean principles from around five years now.

 Shrikant Vashistha{Global Logic}shrikanth
 ShriKant Vashishtha is a generalist who has remained active thought leader in Agile and technology spaces. He has worked in very large-scale projects as an architect for Fortune 50 customers and also worked as an Agile coach for large portfolios. He is frequent speaker in many Agile and technical events and has been publishing blogs on http://www.agilebuddha.com apart from Globallogic blogs. His current interest areas are Lean Startup, Scaled-Agile, Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Acceptance Test Driven Development.
Manoj Jain Manoj Jain{MakeMyTrip}
 Manoj Jain is a technologist by education, trainer, cyclist, traveler by passion and currently working as Director –  Technology Development at MakeMyTrip. He possesses over 15 years of IT experience in various areas i.e. QA, sustaining  engineering, development, automation, performance engineering, SEO etc. Prior to MakeMyTrip.com, Manoj has worked  with enterprises like CA Technologies, Nucleus Softwares, Newgen Softwares and NIIT.  He is Masters in Computer  Applications and Executive MBA (IIM Lucknow) and holds certifications for Scrum Master, ITIL V3 Foundation, Pragmatic  Marketing & Adjunct Faculty. Manoj has submitted/presented at conferences organized by QAI, STeP-IN, IdeaBytes, Unicom,    HydSpin etc.
 Major Poonam Kate{Release Train Engineer,Schneider Electric}
 Poonam  served our prestigious “Indian Army”   in “Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers”. Currently she is working with Schneider Electric. A strong  believer of Kaizen . A great coach and a mentor who has been practicing Agile .  A smart and young enthusiast with a willingness to learn and adapt towards flexible business needs. Poonam has been successful in  Scaling Agile in her organisation .  She is also SPC and loves watching animation movies  and travelling . 

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